4/5, but well adapted boys!

14 March 2014

You’ll need to excuse me as I’ve been at the Perdrix all afternoon having a fabulous session eating and drinking in the hot sun with Adrian, Al, Ian and Gill, and to be honest I’m a bit wobbly and not too far off a ‘chemical reaction’. Those of you who’ve spent an afternoon in the sun drinking with me know how vulnerable I am but at least I could walk home without leaning on walls and staggering about. It was a great afternoon to top off a wonderful week, thanks boys!

After yesterday’s avalanche, and there were others popping out here and there without skiers involved, the authorities in charge bumped the risk from 2 to 4, and that drastically changed our plans and expectations this morning. Chris and I cancelled our trips to St Foy, Thomas altered his plans and Andreas decided against his trip to the Sana. We all headed towards the Fornet and stayed high and enjoyed wonderful skiing, although it wasn’t ‘Plan A’.

The forecast is for sun in the morning with cloud arriving in the afternoon with some possible rain in the village during the evening, which would be fantastic as snow would fall at altitude. Fingers crossed for that one!

Stay tuned for skiing new and hopefully Hammers joy tomorrow!

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