A mystical start to the morning!

16 March 2014

I was shocked to pull open the curtains this morning and look straight out into a thick fog. It took a couple of seconds to process the information and to have a totally different set of options popping into my head than the ones I’d thought about before bed. Anyway, by ‘show-time’ it was evident that we had good vis at altitude and we managed a pretty good morning and didn’t need to full back on too much technique.

Chris and I skied around the Motte and did a couple of short walks to find winter snow with some spring snow to finish and Andreas skied the far side of Tignes for a winter/spring combination as well. We didn’t have too many options today with the low lying cloud bank in the valleys and a minimum freeze at lower altitudes but the boys managed to put on a decent show this morning, and better weather with a good freeze is forecast for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS It was nice to see all the Irish boys in such a good mood this morning. There’s nothing like victory in the sporting world and a chance to fly your flag to put a smile on your face. Well, that and a couple of other things…..!

PSS Jean Ribart is back on his skis and working his way back to off-piste fitness and more importantly, confidence. Welcome back Jean! And well done Liverpool, it’s getting interesting at the top.

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