Spring/ Powder combo !

17 March 2014

It was even hotter today as this heat-wave continues. It’s hard to imagine that we were moaning about flat-light and wonderful powder not so long ago, but for the most part we’ve really enjoyed the wonderful sunny weather and we have had some absolutely brilliant skiing, but some relief snow-wise would now be welcome.

The boys continue to put on a cracking good show making the best of what’s on offer for the various levels and desires and today was another example of great skiing with about 1% of the resort in play. I had a wonderful morning mixing spring snow with rapidly disappearing powder snow, all for two short ‘skins’, while Chris skied on the far-side of Tignes and Andreas was adventure seeking in a steep couloir off the Motte with Fi, who has skied off of Everest, plus Peter and Clare C, and Jeremy. Check the photo link and Facebook page for today’s action.

It was a great afternoon of Premiership football yesterday, unless you’re a United or Tottenham fan, as the top of the table is shaping up for the best finish ever. Brilliant!

More sun and heat is forecast for tomorrow!

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