Another lovely morning in tough conditions!

18 March 2014

Options are really drying up as the heat-wave continues but rumour has it we’re due some snow and relief over the weekend. Fingers crossed on that one as it’s been a tough period, which is getting harder day by day. But after that little moan, we made the most of what’s on offer yet again and all the boys put on a good show this morning. Thomas is back in action and was skiing with a family with young children, and he had them skiing some off-piste classics, while Chris and Andreas were in the centre of the resort, and I skied in Tignes. There are still some powder turns to be had as well as some good spring snow, and photos and Facebook tell the story.

I must say bravo to Simon and his pals who are extremely good at guessing where my team had been skiing. They’re about 7/7!

More sun and heat is forecast for the next couple of days before the hopeful arrival of snow towards the weekend.

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