Another good morning without many options!

20 March 2014

We had another light freeze overnight and Radio Val announced +5C at 7:30AM, which wasn’t very inspiring. There was a cool breeze blowing, which kept the wind-exposed snow firm for longer, but anything protected from the wind and down lower heated up pretty quickly. It all added to the mix of ‘what to do?’, and spiced up the decision making on a rather tricky morning. Chris, Thomas and I all headed to the Crete du Genepy for some spring skiing, and I headed on to Mont Roup to milk the last of what could be considered powder snow. (Without walking too far) I finished back on the spring-side and for a tough morning it was pretty good skiing, and the exit out of the Charvet is interesting to say the least.

Chris and Thomas back-tracked together to stay on the spring-side of the mountain and one of Thomas’ new clients was heard using the ‘f-word’ several times as Thomas skied her down a steep slope. You know it’s interesting skiing when a lady starts using the ‘f-word’! Well done Thomas!

It clouded over this afternoon and a strong Foehn wind is blowing, but the good news is some sunshine is forecast for the morning. Nothing would be more depressing at this time than no freeze and flat-light. It frightens me just thinking of it! We should see some snow over the weekend and that would give us a new lease on life, but in the meantime, wish us luck for tomorrow and stay tuned!

PS Today’s photos are up and I’ve posted something Facebook with a bit of a difference.

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