No 'skins' for the first time in two weeks!

21 March 2014

The skies cleared overnight and after a decent freeze we enjoyed what could be the last of the sunshine for a while, and Chris, Thomas and I all headed to Tignes. Chris skied the Sachette, Toothy Rock and Familial, while Thomas skied the Glattier, Toothy Rock, and Familial. Toothy Rock was excellent and as atmospheric as always, and was a great change of scenery. (My skied the same as Chris but started with the Tourne.) It was a cracking good morning and the first in two weeks that I haven’t used my ‘skins’ at some point.

Henry was out there somewhere this morning and Andreas has taken the last two days off.

With any luck we’ll get some precipitation before ‘show time’ tomorrow morning, which would make life easier and we’re certainly looking forward to perhaps 65cms during the next five days. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

My mate Biggy arrives today for a flying visit and we’re looking forward to his arrival!

PS Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Fred and Liz!

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