'Stinker' averted!

22 March 2014

The sky was overcast this morning without any overnight precipitation, and with a foehn wind blowing it looked as if we might be in for the first ‘stinker’ of the season, and inspiration levels were pretty low. And out of all the doom and gloom we had a cracking good morning as the pistes were empty and in excellent shape, we skied some interesting spring slopes, and then even managed some steep powder turns. We then spotted a lammergeier soaring just above our heads. (see photos)

Thomas, Andreas, Chris and I all headed towards Tignes and skied either the first par-avalanche or Glattier, which are great slopes and had just softened enough without the sun to make for nice skiing. Andreas and I then skied the Sachette Couloir while Chris went around into the bowl for a few powder turns. I then ‘skinned’ up for five-minutes to access a lovely steep slope that was just north enough to still be powder and we had a good dynamic piste ski on the way home to finish off a very satisfying morning that didn’t look very promising at 8AM!

It clouded over this afternoon and has since started to snow so we should be in for a long awaited ‘fresh canvas’. Yahoo!!!

I just checked the football scores and Chelsea are up 4-0 against Arsenal. Ouch!

PS Henry was about but I’m not sure what he was skiing.

PSS Make that 6-0!

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