Back to winter!

23 March 2014

It snowed between 15 and 25cms since yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful to have a soft feel underfoot again. Chris, Andreas and I all headed towards Tignes and it was evident straight away that we needed north facing slopes to avoid a ‘crunchy’ feel as not enough snow fell to cushion the blow on the sunny exposures. Chris and I opened with a cracking good run on the Face de Bellevarde before skiing off the Verte en route to the Borsat. Chris and Andreas skied the Borsat from the top before heading to the Chardonnet, where they had great snow but had to ’feel’ their way out in the flat light. I skied the Lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, then circled back around to ski the Borsat from the top out skiers left. Chris and I then hooked up to ski a very good Familial to finish off an excellent morning.

It was weird skiing in flat-light again after so many consecutive days of brilliant sunshine, and needing to be wary of terrain traps, or at times just being able to navigate, took a lot of concentration and was a reminder of how the risk factor to ourselves jumps up in these conditions. Still, we have a clean mountain again to work with and snow is forecast off-and-on for the next few days, so the resort will slowly get back giving us a pretty full range of options, and after the past three weeks that will be great appreciated. Stay tuned!

Thanks Biggy for a fantastic night out at La Grande Ourse with Piers, Clare, Gill and I. It was great to see you again and you definitely made a lasting impression on the girls!

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