Tough start, great finish!

24 March 2014

Part 1. Being a perfectionist I really take it personally when I get it wrong, which fortunately isn’t very often, but today I chose the wrong direction and headed to the Fornet for a change in scenery, and to where the sun was shining. I knew the snow was better towards Tignes but after skiing so many days lately Tignes-way a change of environment seemed like a good idea. Fortunately I wasn’t alone as Chris, Andreas and Henry came as well but after Chris and I skied a difficult Grand Vallon and Andreas and Henry had no success on the glacier we all changed sectors to save the morning.

Part 2. After arriving on the top of Bellevarde to re-set the morning we had some nice skiing off the Verte en route to the Borsat Nord. The snow backside was significantly better than the Fornet, but it had changed overnight with the wind and although deep, it still took some application to get the most out of it. It skied better the lower we skied and after the Grand Vallon, no one was complaining. We then finished up with the Familial, which was probably the best snow of the morning and a difficult day turned out alright in the end. (However I’m still cross with myself!)

Thomas had an initiation morning and went up Bellevarde first thing and had a good morning with his team. It wasn’t easy skiing everywhere but it was much less ‘educational’ than the Fornet. Bravo Thomas!

(See photos. I’m back to my old camera for the moment so there are some water spots.)

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