Unforecast sunshine with fabulous snow!

25 March 2014

This morning the team had a good chuckle over coffee at the Gourmandine about our foray to the Fornet yesterday, then we all promptly headed up Bellevarde en route to Tignes. After a good cold night the snow dried out enormously and with everyone expecting cloudy skies this morning we all rejoiced when it cleared up and left us with great vis to go along with superb snow. What a result! My team started with a good Borsat before skiing a fantastic Sachette followed by the Familial, Chris skied the Chardonnet, Sachette, and Familial, Andreas skied the Balme, Chardonnet and Sache, and Henry skied the Borsat, Chardonnet and Sache. Meanwhile, Thomas had great skiing around the Col du Palet and Motte. It was a brilliant morning enjoyed by all, with wonderful snow and the unexpected sunshine was such a bonus.

I’d like to mention Suzanna’s ‘skier of the morning’ award for a much improved performance this morning. After a bit of a struggle yesterday she changed her skis and used the rhythm of the track to get herself moving, and her progress today deserves congratulations. Well done Suzanna!

The forecast calls for a few more flakes tonight with cloudy skies in the morning, but how knows? It doesn’t look as if we’ll get anywhere close to the 65cms during the week that was forecast four or five days ago, but we can’t complain as enough snow has fallen to cover up all the messy spring snow tracks and as experienced this morning, some slopes have a good 30 to 35cms of cold winter powder. Stay tuned!

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