Unexpected sunshine helps to make the morning!

26 March 2014

For the second day in a row we profited from unexpected sunshine and everyone was in the mood to take advantage of the good visibility. Chris and I started with an atmospheric hike up to the Borsat West and were rewarded with excellent skiing. The wind was blowing overnight and the snow was slightly compressed, but the snow had stood up to the wind and it was still fantastic skiing. From there we bussed around and skied the Sachette, which was beautiful skiing top-to-bottom. My team finished off with the Familial, which was a little warmer than yesterday, but still a great finish to a lovely morning.

Meanwhile Thomas and Henry skied the Little Lavachet and Henry continued on and ‘skinned’ out. Thomas was cut up by an ESF group from Tignes, who had 12 in the group, and they all skied above him at the same time. Thomas was none too pleased and quite upset when the guide gave him some lip when Thomas told him he didn’t appreciate being put at risk on a potentially dangerous slope on a 3/5 day. Anyway, Thomas continued on and skied the Sache afterwards and had a cracking good morning.

Andreas took the day off and had a brilliant time taking his family for a ski into Italy and a pasta lunch. Nice one Andreas!

I met Simon and his wife Karen, who were playing ‘Where’s Wayne?’ very successfully last week while I was in code-mode. We ran into them by chance on-piste after the Borsat West with Jean Marc from the ESF, and it was great to meet you two!

Partial sunshine is forecast for the morning but it doesn’t look like we’ll get any overnight snow, so we’ll need to work with what we have. As long as the vis is decent we should have a pretty good morning. Stay tuned!

Come on you Hammers as we have a massive game against Hull tonight!

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