Another bonus day of sunshine with quality snow!

27 March 2014

I let out a huge moan at 6AM when looking out the window at a heavy overcast sky, but thought to myself that there was still 3-hours until show-time and things could change. Sure enough by the time we left the Gourmandine it was clear towards Tignes but socked-in and possibly snowing at the Fornet so we all headed up Bellevarde with smiles on our faces to start our mornings. Chris and I ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy, which was excellent top-to-bottom, and had a wonderful morning. I did a double ‘skin’ on the Genepy while Chris continued to ski Mont Roup on Corrine’s last day. Meanwhile Andreas had a great morning as he took his team for an atmospheric Borsat West to start, then the Sachette and Familial, and Henry was skiing today as well but I’m not to sure where he skied.

Needless to say I was well pleased with the Hammers massive three points last night. They didn’t play well but managed to scratch out a very important victory against a tough and desperate Hull side, and the boo-birds should f-off! And well done to Liverpool who sneaked by Sunderland and find themselves one point off the top. Brilliant!

The forecast is for a few clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoon, but the forecast has been pretty useless this week so we’ll wait and see. Stay tuned!

And a very Happy Belated Birthday to Henry, who turned 49 yesterday! Looking good Henry!

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