Wonderful scenery and great skiing!

28 March 2014

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky this morning and after a few days away we decided to give the Fornet another try. I had a moment of indecision when arriving in the Combe du Signal to find a layer of crust on every exposure due to the cloud cover and sun combination yesterday. The crust caused some serious doubts but we continued on to the glacier and ended up have a cracking good morning. We skied some slightly ‘educational’ snow on the first pitch in the Pays Desert but the snow improved as we could turn further north and we had an excellent run down. We then dove over the Col and skied the Tour de Lechoir, which needed some ‘sniffing’ to find the best pockets of snow, but it was great skiing and fortunately the ski down from the Grand Torsai was easier than anticipated and was actually pretty jolly good. (See photos)

Chris ‘skinned’ up to ski the Col des Fours and needed to ‘sniff’ about as well but they had a fantastic morning out while Andreas went down to St Foy with John D, Stephen Leckie and his sons Richard and Charlie, and they had an excellent trip.

I’m sitting here debating with myself about tomorrow’s options and the forecast calls for some in-and-out cloud cover, which makes planning anything too far a field a little less appetizing. Taxi’s are also difficult to get on Saturday’s as they’d rather have a fare to Geneva then a short trip to St Foy and Gill has the car to take Katie to La Plagne for a ski race. Maybe I’ll just stay in the resort. Stay tuned!

PS Good luck finding your phone Andreas, that Folie Douce is a dangerous place!

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