Stunning scenery off the Motte!

29 March 2014

There was a thin layer of high cloud drifting in-and-out today and a very strong foehn wind blowing that intensified as the day went on. (Bummer really as it’s stopping the spring snow from transforming and isn’t doing the exposed winter snow much good either.) My team were feeling a little worse for wear this morning so I took it easy (just three short ‘skins’) and we had a great morning around the Motte, skiing the Rosolin, the Little Borsat West and the Familial to finish. The Rosolin was excellent as we skied down quite low and the scenery under the Motte and La Grande Casse is absolutely striking.

Meanwhile Chris headed up to the Col de la Barme de l’Ours but I haven’t yet had a report, and Thomas was skiing the Col des Fours and staying in the Fours refuge tonight with his team. I ran into John D who was skiing alone with Andreas this morning, and he was well pleased with his morning as they worked on ‘technique-in- the-steep’, and John really enjoyed it.

Gill has driven down to La Plagne with Katie and some of her Ski Club friends for a race today and they’ve just walked in the door. Apparently Val d ‘Isere’s team came first out of about ten teams. Bravo! (Gill took the camera today so I’ve posted a few shots of Katie’s day)

The wind is forecast to die down and high cloud is expecting in the morning. Wish us luck!

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