Another better than expected outing!

30 March 2014

The time change made for a rushed start to the day and with it starting off overcast it was a bit of a decision about where to go. But fortunately by ‘show-time’ there was a big bulb of light above the Fornet so Henry and I headed that way and had a lovely ski and ‘skin’ in the Pays desert followed by an interesting trip from the Col Pers into the Vallonnet to the bottom. Along with Derek I had some new skiers today, Anthony and his 15-year-old son Charlie who’d never ‘skinned’ or skied off-piste before, and Nick who was also on his first ‘Alpine’ outing, and the boys did really well.

Thanks to Henry who was ahead in the Vallonnet and testing the big slopes at the bottom. He gave us the ‘thumbs-up’ as the big slopes at the bottom are very steep and if the snow isn’t the right quality the ‘whipper’ factor becomes very real and it’s not a good place to be. Today the snow was chalky and just right so I could bring my new boys down safely. Thanks Henry!

Meanwhile Andreas was training some people for Norway and they ‘skinned’ for two-hours-and-twenty-minutes to ski the Barmes de l’Ours, which was great skiing top-to-bottom. Chris had an all-day private on piste showing some people the resort and I’m not too sure what Thomas was up to this morning.

Sports Report- I was really proud of Katie yesterday as she came 105th out of 180 racers from various resorts. Being one of the youngest and lightest she was put in her group on trial at the beginning of the season, and she managed to do enough to hang in there. Now she’s beating boys and girls not only in her age group, but also a few in the year above! Forgive me but bravo Katie! And let’s hope Liverpool can go top of the table this afternoon!

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