A terrific morning despite the odd complication!

01 April 2014

I had problems with the internet yesterday, which caused havoc with my family as they’re all addicted, and I couldn’t post an update. Thanks Chris for posting some news! Derek’s 50th was the big news yesterday and Thomas did a superb job entertaining him. Well done boys! I missed the internet most last night went I went to bed not knowing how the Hammers were faring against Sunderland. Like a sad git I went to bed in my Hammers shirt hoping for the best and didn’t have a clue about the result until David Mac filled me in at the Gourmandine. Wow, I can’t tell you what a great start my day that was!

Anyway, on to today’s skiing. I needed my upbeat start because when we arrived to put our ‘skins’ on for the Crete du Genepy one of my team had forgotten their ‘skins’ throwing my plans into disarray. We continued on and skied spring snow down to Mont Roup and the rest of us climbed up to ski the northern slope on Mont Roup while our ‘skinless’ skier waited at the bottom. The problem was we walked up in a nasty crust and I had to keep the faith about getting north enough for it to turn back to powder, because if it didn’t we were in for a tough time. After taking off our ‘skins’ I started to traverse around praying I could get north enough and when my feet arrived in beautiful soft powder I was almost as elated as when Mac reported the Hammers score! We had an excellent steep line through the rocks giving us ambience and great snow, and a relieved me! We continued on down on the spring-side and finished a really good ‘Plan B’ with the Spatule.

Meanwhile Henry kept going and skied the classic Mont Roup in fantastic spring snow, Andreas had a great outing on the Barmes de l’Ours in powder with Henry and Alex, Chris had a brilliant time in St Foy where he did a double ‘skin’ to get clean snow, and Thomas had a wonderful day skiing with his Dad! Just about perfect really! (Chris had some complications as well has he need to duck-tape a boot together and sort out some bindings!)

I’ve been skiing with Tim and Gill in the afternoons and we had a lovely ‘skin’ into the Pays Desert yesterday and today I took Tim over the Col Pers for his first time. We ended up in the Vallonnet and Tim was suitably impressed with the scenery and terrain.

The weather has been better than expected the past few days but tomorrow’s is for more cloud cover in the morning than the previous days, so fingers crossed we get lucky and have enough sunshine to soften the spring slopes and to light the way. Stay tuned!

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