What a cracking good day that was!

02 April 2014

I was debating with myself (always dangerous) this morning between the Glacier Pers and Mont Roup and the early morning sunshine swayed me towards the spring snow option. But as soon as we came around the Borsat traverse and were committed the sky started to rapidly cloud over and by the time we arrived on the summit of Mont Roup the sun was blotted out of the sky. (sounds like a line from an old Stones tune) Fortunately the cloud cover working with the sun caused an ‘oven’ affect and the snow had softened to perfection without direct sunlight. What a result! It was excellent skiing top-to-bottom and Thomas was just behind us showing his Dad, who’s an excellent skier, just what he gets up to on a daily basis. We finished off with some cracking good piste skiing on La Daille, which was immaculate!

Chris meanwhile had ‘skinned’ to the Barmes des l’Ours and beyond with his team and they had a great morning. Chris has the bit between the teeth at the morning and is taking no prisoners! Andreas had good skiing out under the Crete du Genepy with Lyndsay and Philip, well done Lyndsay, before a nice lunch and a ski with Alex and Henry at the Fornet this afternoon, and Henry had a terrific morning in the almost-always-faithful Sachette. Bravo boys!

It miraculously cleared up this afternoon and Tim and I profited with a big ski, skiing the Borsat Nord from the top, then spring snow under the Fresse, followed by the Campanules, then two adventurous runs down the ‘Wall’ off the Motte before heading home. Well done Tim!

Thanks Russell for taking Millie and Katie skiing this morning, they loved it!

Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great but we should see something falling out of the sky, which is good news. Stay tuned!

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