One of the season's toughest days!

03 April 2014

It wasn’t the easiest of days as an extremely punchy foehn wind was blowing and it was grey all day long. Even with temperatures of +7C in the village this morning, the pistes remained bone-hard all day long (except the very bottom of the mountain) and the sun never had a chance to soften any spring snow. Doesn’t sound very inspiring does it? Still, we had a pretty decent morning and Chris and I opened with the Borsat Nord from the top, which was still firm winter snow with a good grip, and we then skied the Sachette, which was winter snow followed by firm but clean spring snow. I ended up skiing the couloir as young Charlie dropped his pole down it and the team enjoyed the ambience. We also managed to retrieve Anthony’s helmet that he dropped and had slide away a few days back, so it was a pretty useful outing in the end. I’m not too sure what the rest of the boys skied but it was one of the tougher days of the season.

Tim and I didn’t have a massive ski like yesterday afternoon but we did ski the Borsat Nord from the top as well as the big face of the Balme. Good work Tim!

It blew all day and a few flakes appeared this afternoon, but it doesn’t look like we’ll receive much snow. It may snow a little more towards the Fornet and it would be nice to profit from this cloudy weather, but we can only hope. Stay tuned!

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