What a buzz!

04 April 2014

What a day! I must say that I’m really enjoying my skiing at the moment and have just finished another terrific week. This week the team consisted of new clients Anthony and his son Charlie, Trevor and his son Alex, we had Alex and Henry Nelson along for a morning, and Jeremy and his young nephew Charlie this morning and Jean Pascal. We’ve had lots of new faces coming into Alpine this season along with our faithful regulars, and we’re all feeling pretty good about life at the moment.

Anyway, I was trying to chose between the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup this morning and at the last moment Mont Roup won out, and we ended up skiing a couloir that I’ve been eye-balling for years, and today conditions were just right to give it a go. With a little cloud cover the normal slopes that we ski way out skiers-left were still firm, so I could turn a little more easterly, which brought the couloir into play. Normally it would be too soft to ski and wouldn’t be an option but today it was just right to have a go. It was fairly nerve wracking as it’s very steep and impressive at the top, and a long way to the bottom, and to say it was atmospheric would be an understatement. I needed everyone to behave and apply themselves, and the entire team skied really well and did me proud. Bravo and merci everyone! Chris and I have never seen tracks there before (although I’m sure someone has skied it before) so for ‘Alpine’ purposes I’m going to call it Couloir Wayno. (It’s corny but I’ve always liked the ring of Couloir Lorenzo.)

Chris also skied Mont Roup this morning with his team, who’ve had a fantastic week with excellent variation. Well done Chris! Andreas finished a lovely week with the Nelson family and today they skied the Cocaine, Glattier, and Sachette before have a great lunch in Les Brevieres. Andreas then skied with the Henry and Alex this afternoon and they had a brilliant time on La Petite Balme and the ‘Wall’. Nice on boys!

And this afternoon Tim and I capped off five great afternoons with a fabulous Col Pers featuring no one else about, excellent snow, light snow with sunshine filtering through, and a trip down the ‘funky’ route to exit. This is Tim’s third year in a row skiing off-piste in the afternoons with me, and this week has been our best yet. See you next year Tim!

Something may fall out of the sky tonight but if it doesn’t a decent freeze and some sun will do.

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