No legs today!

06 April 2014

I was still feeling pretty rough this morning and managed to fall over in the bus, which was a bit embarrassing and a great start to the day. We ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy but I didn’t make it all the way up as it was boiling hot and my legs weren’t responding, but I traversed underneath to meet Gill, Penny, Derek, Paul and a lovely new French skier named Daphne. The re-freeze was minimal over night and we had excellent snow but it wasn’t too far off being ‘limit’. We finished up the morning with some great piste skiing and a not-so-good run in the Borsat Nord. It is no longer winter snow that can be skied anytime of day and after yesterday’s heat (while I was sleeping in bed) in now needs to be skied around 3PM, which doesn’t do us early-birds much good!

Andreas went off to ski the Couloir 3500 with Philip, Tash and their friends, but I haven’t had a report from him.

Johnny Alpine has invited me to watch the Hammers v Liverpool match so I’m about to head up to his place. If the Hammers were guaranteed to be safe I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Liverpool won as I’d like to see them win the title, but of course a win wouldn’t be turned down!

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