A terrific Mont Roup!

07 April 2014

Radio Val announced a light re-freeze this morning but you never really know until you feel the snow before making any decisions. Chris and I headed out towards the Crete du Genepy and at the moment of truth, the moment when it’s play extra safe or go for it, we decided we had time and went for Mont Roup. The ski down past the Cabin was good and today’s ‘skin’ was much less gruelling (for me with my funny tummy) than yesterday as the walk up Mont Roup is northerly and much cooler than climbing up the Crete, which can be brutally hot. Anyway, we were rewarded with superb clean snow top-to-bottom and Philip’s brother Hugh, and his wife Penny who’ve never been to Val were well impressed with the snow, slope, and scenery. We spotted a beautiful Lamergeier soaring just above our heads, which added to a lovely ambience.

Chris reported some sort of slide across the path coming out of the Charvet sometime after we passed through, which was very early in the day for snow to be moving and shows the importance of a good re-freeze. I don’t think anyone was injured but the path out is no place to be sight-seeing or stopping for photos or a picnic, and moving through quickly is always important at this time of year.

We continued on with a great blast down the L and then skied a very nice Pays Desert. The snow was excellent and it was nice to show Hugh and Penny some more of the resort, as they’d spent the past two days in Tignes with Andreas. Philip and Tash have been trying to persuade them to come to Val d’Isere for years and I think the past three days have done the trick!

Andreas was skiing with Ewen and his son Aiden in Tignes and they skied the Glattier, the Sache and Toothy Rock for young Aidan’s first go off-piste. Bravo!

Tomorrow’s forecast is a bit iffy with a little sun and perhaps some rain, which sounds like no one is too sure, so we’ll wait and see what we have to deal with in the morning. Say tuned!

PS I’m still a little wobbly but thankfully stayed on my feet in the bus this morning, unlike yesterday when I was flopping around on the floor like a dying trout. I did manage to forget my camera however so any photos today will be on Facebook.

PSS Millie had a wonderful time today as her class spent the day with the Pisteurs. They were buried in snow holes for the avalanche dogs search and rescue training and they learnt how to use beeps, shovels and probes. It’s a fantastic day our for the school children and bravo to all the Pisteurs involved. Merci beaucoup!

PSSS Henry was in action today and skied with Andreas on the Tignes spring tour.

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