Not the easiest!

08 April 2014

It was a tough day today, probably the hardest morning of the season, but we still managed with a Pays Desert just as the fog and snow storm rolled in. After a hot chocolate, and I’ve never seen so many different off-piste groups enjoying a hot chocolate at the same time before, we skied some piste before finishing up with some decent skiing off the Verte as the snow was starting to accumulate. Bravo to all who weathered the morning and the good news is tomorrow should be sunny with a fresh cushion of snow to spruce things up a little.

I’m having computer problems and none of my ports seem to be working. I’ve no mouse, connection for my Skype camera, and the port for my photo card isn’t registering so unless one of my clever friends can sort it my Photos of the Day are now finished for the season. Sorry!

Sports Report- I was pleased to see Sunderland lost last night. I love an underdog but when you’re involved in a relegation battle every loss from a team below is cause for a mini-celebration. It’s such a cruel league!

PS Thank you Ray for sorting out my computer problems!!! The mouse works, the Skype camera works, and more importantly, my photos card socket is responding! Todays photos are now up. Thanks again Ray!

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