What a totally satisfying day!

09 April 2014

Wow, what a fabulous day! The sun was back in all its splendour and with yesterday’s cushion of fresh snow everyone profited with a great ski. The team headed up to the Fornet and Andreas and I skied a very much improved Pays Desert, followed by a lovely Col Pers and then a cracking good Grand Vallon to finish. Andreas’ team spotted a White Hare, which although you see their tracks all the time to actually see one is a very rare occurrence. (The last one I saw was about 8 to 10 years ago on the Grande Balme)

Meanwhile Chris took his team up to the Glacier Pers and they had a fantastic morning as well, and I’m not too sure what Thomas skied today. Andreas skied with his son Victor this afternoon so who knows what those two got up to!

I had an absolutely stunning afternoon with my children today, plus Gill and her friend Julia, and Julia’ s husband Andy (from Snowman’s Larder) and their 11-year-old daughter Anna. We started off with a warm-up from the top of the Combe du Signal, followed by the Grand Vallon (Millie’s Run near Chez Henry) down to the valley floor, then a run on Katie’s Run, which is way left in the Grand Vallon on the steep slopes between the Vallon and the Pyramid. That was so good we grabbed Dan Egan and his friends and dragged them along for another! (Dan is a long-time friend of Henry’s from Boston, who’s a larger-than-life-character and jolly good fun.) Then we finished off with a run way-out above Chez Henry starting on the ridge between the Vallon and Vallonnet, which I named Anna’s Alley, then all the way down to the bus. It’s wonderful skiing with young children on big slopes like those when you know they’re perfectly stable and secure on their feet, and they just get on with it and perform. It was brilliant!

It looks like another cold night and beautiful sunshine again tomorrow. Yahoo!!!

Thanks Ray for sorting out my computer so the Photos of the Day are back in business!

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