10 April 2014

It was another wonderful day of spring snow skiing and all the boys were in action this morning. No one was in the mood for a big walk so the team headed towards Tignes and everyone had a great morning skiing the various ‘classics’. I started off with the Kern, which was a good start and very atmospheric as we cut back to the second chairlift at the last moment. I then decided to join the others in Tignes and we skied the Tourne, then enjoyed a little powder in the top of the Sachette before turning to spring snow to the bottom, then the Familial to finish.

Andreas and I had a stunning afternoon up at the Fornet as Andreas was skiing with his mate Neil, and the two of them covered a lot of ground. Gill had such a great afternoon yesterday she suggested giving John, Margaret, and Jean R a call and the three of us had a brilliant ski. We attacked some big steep slopes and a couloir, and it was a fantastic confidence boost for them all as they haven’t skied much off pistes since their accidents, and certainly not slopes like those. Bravo you three! In these conditions you can reach slopes you can’t really get to in mid-winter, or risk skiing in deep snow, and you certainly get a different view. It was also nice to have my 8 and 10-year-old daughters and a pair of 76-year-olds with a 72-year-old out on the same slopes over the past couple of afternoons. Millie thinks the older folks are pretty ‘cool’!

The high pressure system is forecast to continue so stay tuned for more great skiing tomorrow.

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