It just doesn't get much better!

11 April 2014

The entire team of Thomas, Chris, Andreas, Henry and I enjoyed another truly outstanding morning of spring skiing! Considering the resort has about 2% of its options available, within that 2% lays some stunning skiing and the boys are doing the business showing everyone a fabulous time. Bravo boys!

Chris and I ‘skinned’ up to Mont Roup and it must be said it doesn’t get any better. It was one of the best spring snow runs I’ve had there in years with steep pitches, perfect snow, great ambience and a couple of Perdrix Blanche thrown in. Brilliant! We then skied a great run in the L with some off-piste higher up before re-joining the piste for a belter, and Andreas, Chris and I all crossed paths for a terrific finish in the Familial.

I was on-piste this afternoon with Paul G and Kate’s children Anna and Ellen while Thomas had a wonderful afternoon up at the Fornet with Martin and his family, and Andreas was blasting about with a Swedish friend of his and I spotted them at the Coin des Amis early evening but I snuck by him as he looked to be falling into a bit of a trap, and I’ve fallen into that one before!

Tonight’s re-freeze may not be as good as the previous couple of nights but hopefully it will be enough as sun is forecast again for the morning. Stay tune and long may this run continue!

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