Another great day as the snow is rapidly disappearing.

15 April 2014

It’s another short update as the girls are returning to England tomorrow and there’s a lot going on. Thanks very much to Laura who threw a fantastic going away dinner for Millie, Katie, and their friends. The girls helped to prepare the meal, which was excellent, and all ten of the children had a brilliant, brilliant time! Thanks again Laura, what an effort! (See photos)

As for today’s skiing, wow, what a morning! Chris, Thomas and I all skied in Tignes, with Thomas and I skiing the Lognan, Sachette and Familial, (I threw in the Tourne as well) while Chris’ team skied the Sachette and Familial.

Andreas and Ian had a great morning with the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup, followed by a trip through the Arcelle to finish.

I had a lovely walk on the Balcone this afternoon with the girls plus Stephen, Kaye, Christian, Kaye’s 76-year-old Mum Yvonne, Michelle, Cassius, and Jensen. It was a great adventure and a special bravo to Yvonne!

More good weather is forecast for tomorrow!

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