What a lucky escape!

16 April 2014

We had a great freeze last night and with brilliant blue skies again this morning we all enjoyed another fabulous ski. Chris and I skied the Face du Charvet followed by a terrific run towards the Cabin, then my team skied two in the L. Thomas and Henry were doing the Crete/Mont Roup routine and Andreas was skiing in Tignes.

There was a massive slide in the Lores yesterday around 12:30PM and the guided group involved were extremely lucky to have escaped without injury or worse. It’s a notoriously dangerous slope, never to be really trusted, but 12:30 after a decent freeze could be considered unlucky. (See photos)

All the best to Pat Z who’s recovering from a knee replacement. Apparently the operation went extremely well and Pat is well ahead on his recovery. Good luck Pat!

I’m off to the airport as the girls are leaving for England this evening. Stay tune for more news tomorrow!

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