Another perfect morning of outstanding spring skiing!

17 April 2014

We had an adventurous trip to the airport yesterday as I was rallying between Moutiers and Albertville like I like to do, when two motorcycle Gendarmes pulled me over with flashing lights. I was pretty worried as we were really cruising and the girls were afraid that Daddy was going to hauled off to prison, but the Gendarmes were pretty cool guys in the end. I had no ID, had forgotten my drivers licence and when they said, “90 euros and you can continue on”, I though that was a bit of a result! After paying the fine and getting back in the car we’d developed some sort of electrical fault and the car wouldn’t start. We were parked on a slight incline and in the end the two motorcycle Gendarmes and I were trying to push the car up over the incline so that Gill could jump-start it on the other side. We were really struggling when Millie and Katie joined in and their added strength was just enough to get us over the top. We must have looked a picture with a Dad, a ten and an eight-year-old, and two Gendarmes struggling together to push the car. Once started we all jumped in and waved merrily goodbye to the police, happy to be on our way again! I must say it did spoil my driving for the rest of the trip!

Anyway, on to today’s skiing, which was absolutely superb! Chris and I did a double ‘skin’ on the Crete and Mont Roup, and it was brilliant! Chris finished with a Pays Desert while I had a funky trip through Chez Gill (through the cliffs on the sunny-side of the Pays Desert) and a cracking run off the summer road. Meanwhile Thomas had a wonderful outing on the Col de la Calabourdane followed by the Col des Fours, Henry was skiing with Sylvie and her brother and they headed towards the Sachette, while Andreas was skiing with his brother and family.

Our fabulous run of stunning weather may be coming to an end as cloudy skies with a little rain and snow is forecast over the next few days. I guess a little top up to cleanse the spring slopes would go amiss, but this sunny weather has been addictive and even a powder-hound such as myself doesn’t look forward to too many cloudy days. Stay tuned!

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