How good are you with your beep?

18 April 2014

We had another good freeze last night and with overcast skies the potential problem today was the snow not softening and leaving us with ‘bullet-proof’ conditions. There had been some very early sunshine, which did touch the eastern exposures, and I was pleasantly pleased with our ‘test’ on the bowl near the Fresse where the snow had softened to perfection and gave our hopes a lift for the rest of the morning. Thomas, Chris and I all took different routes but had excellent runs in the Sachette, and a potential ‘stinker’ turned out to be a pretty jolly good morning! Henry was also skiing but I’m not sure were he skied, and Andreas is in Copenhagen for the weekend reliving his youth at a rock concert. I asked him if he had his lighter with him but he informed me that they wave their mobile phones these days. Rock on Andreas!

Now to some serious news. Olivier and Jean Marc have been touring in Greenland and they were involved in an avalanche last Sunday, which was the last day of what had been a fabulous tour. I haven’t reported it until now as I needed to speak with the boys and give them time, and everyone else involved, to digest their traumatic experience. Olivier, Roy S, Peter C, and Mike A were all buried and if it wasn’t for the superb work of those on the surface, there would have been casualties. Olivier wants to stress the importance of regular beeper training and feels he owes his life to the work his dedicated clients have put in over the years. More will be posted in the near future when the boys have written up their reports and are ready to share their story.

It’s snowing lightly at the moment (3:20PM) and we should be in for enough snow overnight to give us some winter snow conditions in the morning. I personally do not want too much snow and would be happy with 15 to 20 cms, enough to give us a couple of powder mornings before quickly transforming back to spring snow, but there is a good possibility that we’re in for some serious snow over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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