A pretty good morning as the snow was just starting to accumulate!

19 April 2014

A few centimetres fell overnight and around 8AM it looked as if we might be in for some sunshine upstairs, so Chris and I optimistically headed to the Fornet for a change of scenery. By the time we arrived it was obvious that there was less snow in that sector and clouds were quickly moving in (plus Chris found out that the scheduled busses from the Pont St Charles aren’t starting until tomorrow) so we quickly did a u-turn and headed back to the Olympique. From there we had some nice snow off the Verte, and then again in the Lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, then a cracking run on the Rosolin and across the glacier after our little ‘skin’, then some bits off the Genepy before finishing off with a good 20cm’s of great snow in the Familial. It snowed all morning but the visibility was good enough to navigate comfortably, and it really started to snow more heavily as we finished up in the Familial. (see photos)

We should see quite a bit of snow tonight, especially towards the Fornet as a retour de l’est is forecast. One thing is certain however, and that is it will be ‘show-time’ again in the morning, and after 8 weeks it will be time to put the Air-bag back on. Stay tuned!

And come on you Hammers! And thanks Penny for the drinks party!
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