A terrific morning of powder at the Fornet!

20 April 2014

The skies cleared overnight and we had a pleasantly sunny morning giving us great visibility for the most part, and everyone had a fantastic morning. There had been some wind that compressed the snow in places, so it wasn’t always the easiest skiing, but it was wonderful to be back in winter snow, laying tracks and having fresh snow flying about. My team skied the Lower Combe du Signal followed by a slightly tougher run in the Combe 3300 on the Glacier. (At this stage Jean was worried about his knee so he sensibly peeled off and will be back tomorrow) We then skied two more very good variations in the 3300 before heading back down to ski one in the Grand Vallon. Both Michele and Penny had had enough by this time so they went off for lunch at the Edelweiss while David and I finished off with a cracking run down Katie’s Run off the Grand Vallon. (See photos)

There was at least 50cm’s of fresh snow on the top of the Pissaillas this morning and it was too deep and heavy to really ski properly, so we skied mostly off the Cascade Chair into the 3300 where the snow was a little less deep and easier to ski before trying our luck in the Grand Vallon.

Andreas has returned form his weekend in Copenhagen, where he had a brilliant time, and he was also up on the Pissaillas for most of the morning before finishing up with the Grand Vallon, while Chris was mostly on piste with Richard F’s grandchildren.

The forecast doesn’t look too inviting for tomorrow but I’m going to ignore it and hope for the best.

Sports Report- I went up to the Pacific to watch the second half of the Norwich v Liverpool match, and at 2-0 what seemed like an easy win for the Reds turned into a real nail-biter. Liverpool looked very vulnerable in the air and nothing like champions as Norwich played brilliantly, and there was a huge sigh of relief when the final whistle blew with Liverpool hanging on for an edgy 3-2 win.

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