Fantastic morning but bummer about Jean!

21 April 2014

The forecast was for a rubbish morning but as the norm the forecast hasn’t been a reason for depression and we had another unexpectedly brilliant morning. (I must mention right now that I’m pissed after a four-hour lunch at the Perdrix with Blue, Hattie, Michele and Penny, and I’m doing my best) Chris, Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet optimistically hoping for powder at altitude on north facing slopes and we were rewarded with some superb snow for this time of year, especially two days after a snowfall. We started off in the Pays Desert and milked every exposition that worked until we could turn north to guaranteed powder, but we’d also taken a chance on the fog lifting, which it did, and bravo to the boys for keeping the faith! It was brilliant top-to-bottom and instead of heading over the Col Andreas convinced me into a return trip as we knew the snow was excellent and if the fog returned we could always followed our tracks. The second time around as equally as good but the last slope had warmed up with the Green-House Affect and unfortunately Jean fell about ten turns from the bottom and my have damaged his knee again. Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you all posted. (See photos)

It’s snowing lightly at 7:45 and tomorrow’s another day. Stay tuned but at least I don’t need to worry about dinner!

PS Olivier reports a positive return to touring in Italy after his trip to Greenland, although both he and Peter C feel a slight problem with their breathing. In the grand scheme of things both are extremely happy and enjoying their skiing! (As is Mike A and Jean Marc arrives this evening)

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