Not exactly what we were expecting, but still great skiing!

22 April 2014

It rained during the night but clear in time for a solid re-freeze and none of us really found what we were expecting this morning. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet thinking we get some powder up high but had to be satisfied with lovely supporting snow with a couple of centimetres on top, which was just enough to give a nice texture. We skied a good opener in the Combe du Signal before heading over the Col Pers, where we needed to ‘sniff’ about to ski supporting snow to the bottom. Unfortunately we were given incorrect bus times so instead of waiting for an hour we ‘skinned’ high enough to traverse our way back to the piste. From there we had two more excellent runs traversing high through the Combe du Signal to access the slopes leading down to the poma line. (See photos)

Meanwhile Andreas and Henry had a good day in Tignes, and they needed to search about as well to make the most of the conditions. It was a bit of a ‘transition’ day so all the boys did a great job finding good skiing.

Jean Marc is in town for a few days to tour with Peter C, and like Oli he’s happy to be back on his skis.

After yesterday’s lunch I’m tired and heading for bed. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Jean doesn’t think he’s done too much damage in yesterday’s fall and is confident to be back strong next season. Yahoo!

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