Wonderful spring snow on 'clean' slopes!

23 April 2014

The sun was out again and after a good freeze we all had a superb morning skiing spring snow. Chris, Andreas and I all started with an excellent mini-Crete du Genepy before ‘skinning’ up to ski a fantastic Mont Roup, while Henry skied the Crete from further up. After an interesting exit (see photos) we skied either the Cugnai or Col de la Madeleine and I finished off a terrific morning with one on the edge of the Marmottes. It was Sylvie’s last day of her season and it was a good one to finish on!

Chris and Andreas were stuck on the Manchet chair for at least 20-minutes so let’s hope there’s no technical problems that may shut that lift down as there’s some cracking good skiing to be accessed from it, especially with a good forecast and freeze in store for tomorrow. Fingers crossed on that one!

Jean Marc and Peter went off for the day to ski La Grande Aiguille Rousse and then walk out of the summer path. I haven’t heard how they fared but I’m sure they had a wonderful day out.

I was feeling like a million dollars this morning after an early night and no booze but somehow still managed to win the ‘splat du jour’ award for falling over on the top of the Verte then thrashing about like a dying trout trying to get up. I felt like a bit of a berk really. Anyway, stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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