Fabulous skiing in Tignes!

24 April 2014

We had another decent freeze and clear blue skies and with the weather forecast to deteriorate tomorrow we wanted to make the best of it this morning. After spending a few days in the Fornet and yesterday around the Charvet sector and Arcelle, Chris and I opted for a change of scenery and headed towards Tignes. We started out with a funky run off Bonnevie’s Drag through the holes to the Tommeuses chair, which I’ve never really done before, and it was a brilliant start to the morning. With perfect spring snow we could ski quite low into the holes before jumping on an edge and traversing back out at the last moment. From there we skied an excellent Familial from the top and down around and corner and on down through the Little Lavachet. Next up was a lovely Sachette followed by a great run in the Familial to finish another cracking morning. We had the pleasure of Rupert’s friend Kinga with us this morning, and it was great to have her along.

Meanwhile Henry did the double ‘skin’ of the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup, and his team will have had a stunning morning, and JM and Peter went off to ‘skin’ to the Col de la Galise. Andreas took the day off as his car broke down on the way back from dropping his Dad off at Geneva, and after a motor-way service rescue and repair he still needed to drive home from Albertville at 30kph. Bummer to say the least!

Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s forecast won’t be that bad, especially when I’m the only one skiing! It’s tough dealing with difficult conditions and flat light without a partner so I’m hoping for a least a little vis. Stay tuned!

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