Really tough off-piste but a great morning anyway!

25 April 2014

I was on my own this morning as Andreas is off to Norway with JM, Chris is down in Lyon, and both Henry and Thomas were off, and when I awoke to +8C in the village, grey skies and the threat of rain, it wasn’t very inspiring. I started off with a test in the holes that were superb yesterday and those slopes were egg-shell fragile so we made it down working on fragile snow technique, then I tested the Rosolin, which was also a negative so we cut back to the piste, and finally we had an interesting ski down my shoulder, which worked but just! (see photos) In between we skied dynamically on some brilliant pistes and with a great cast of characters, we had a thoroughly satisfying outing. We didn’t finish until 1 o’clock and for the toughest morning of the season after about 155 days, I really enjoyed it!

I have Chris and Henry back tomorrow to keep me company and we may see a few flakes of snow tonight with a much better chance of a re-freeze, (today’s was non-existent, even on the Motte) so life should be easier again tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS It’s now raining lightly in town at 2:15PM, which means some snow at altitude!

PSS It only drizzled for about 20 minutes before clearing up into a lovely afternoon, so who knows about tomorrow?

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