What a ridiculously brilliant day!

26 April 2014

After the toughest morning off-piste of the season yesterday, today we enjoyed an absolutely stunning morning with great weather, wonderful snow, outstanding scenery, some highly impressive terrain. Wow, it really was good! Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and had a positive ‘test’ off the Laisinant, followed by a good run in the Combe du Signal en route to the Pissaillas Glacier, where we had a terrific run in the Pays Desert. Just enough fresh snow had fallen to give every exposure a good feel so we weren’t dependant on the sun for warming those slopes up. We then had a cracker over the Col Pers followed by the best of the day on the impressive steep slopes between the Vallon and the Vallonnet. It was so good I circled back around for another and finished late while Chris skied one in the Vallonnet down to the bus. Brilliant!

Henry had a great morning as well skiing Tignes classics.

Olivier has had a great tour in Switzerland and has bounced back positively from the trauma in Greenland. Bravo Oli! JM is now touring in Norway with Andreas and after this week Oli and JM will be taking a summer break. (As will the rest of us!)

The forecast for tomorrow is a little depressing so I’m hoping for the best and also for West Ham to come back from a goal down against West Brom. Stay tuned!

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