Not the easiest of mornings, but good fun!

27 April 2014

I was on my own again this morning and it was nice to have a last coffee at the Gourmandine with Francoise as she’s closing down for the season and she and her staff were there doing the annual ‘spring clean’. After yesterday’s extravaganza of superb spring snow with stunning clear blue skies, today was a total contrast, with fog, light snow and a little wind at altitude. Still, Tilly, Jean-Eves and I had a jolly good morning skiing piste in the fog and diving off-piste whenever the fog lifted and we could see enough to navigate. The good news is that it froze hard at altitude meaning the fresh snow will be falling on a stable base, and that bodes well for tomorrow. It only snowed a few centimetres overnight but it did start to accumulate by the end of the morning and by tomorrow we should be looking at a very serious powder session.

I’m off soon to the Pacific to watch the Liverpool v Chelsea match and help David Mac cheer his boys on to glory. Stay tuned!

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