Flat-light and fog, but great powder!

28 April 2014

The good news was that enough snow has now fallen to give us a fresh canvas and a soft feeling underfoot, but we had pretty flat-light most of the morning, and at times fog to deal with. My team were a little unsure heading up the Pyramid Chair into the fog first thing (see photos) but it didn’t take them long to get into the swing of things once they realised the surf was up! After a warm-up on the piste we skied one in the Combe du Signal en route to the Pissailles for one in the 3300. They then closed the Cascade chair due to wind so we headed back down for three more in the Combe du Signal before finishing off with a Super L into the L. Chris and Suzanne were out skiing together and they were just ahead of us for the first part of the morning enjoying an excellent ski, made even better by the low expectations at the Gourmandine.

Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great but with the amount of wonderful skiing we’ve had when the forecast said otherwise I’m not going to worry about it. Stay tuned!

Yesterday’s football didn’t go to plan and for the first time ever all Liverpool fans will be cheering for neighbouring Everton when they take on City!

PS JM and Andreas have some internet connection in Norway so log-on to Andreas’ reports on our Facebook page.

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