What a brilliant morning!

29 April 2014

After pretty flat conditions yesterday we were encouraged this morning with a bit more light getting through the clouds, which allowed us to make the most of the conditions resulting in a wonderful morning. It was much warmer today so the snow wasn’t as cold as yesterday, but with the better vis everyone creamed it and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We started with a stunning run in a trackless Grand Vallon, and we were the only people in sight. We ran into fog just when we needed to cut out and enjoyed the atmosphere as we ‘felt’ our way back to the Pyramid Chair. (Chris and Suzanne came down behind us and caught us up as we cut the trail out.) We then had a fantastic run in the Combe du Signal with the upper half in sunshine before dropping back down into a light fog. From there we headed up to the Pissailles where we had better light for the most part and skied one in the 3300, followed by two more in the Pays Desert. We finished off a brilliant morning with some warm powder turns off the Super S before joining the piste. Chris and Suzanne spotted two Perdrix and a white hare, which was starting to take on its summer colours, so they had a great wildlife show to go with the terrific skiing.

Snow is forecast again for tomorrow so stay tuned as we only have five more mornings to entertain the troops!

Check the Facebook page as Chris may post some photos and Andreas will also if he can get a signal in Norway.

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