A massive bonus day at the Fornet!

01 May 2014

The forecast was for some intermittent sunny periods this morning so absolutely no one was complaining when greeted by clear blue skies. What a bonus! Chris (with Suzanne and Rupert) and I (with Jenny, Jean-Eves, and Louise) headed up to the Fornet hoping for some powder but we were surprised at how quickly the snow set-up yesterday afternoon, and we had to settle for supporting snow with a lovely cushion on top. Poor us! Anyway, it was a stunning morning off the Laisinant, the Combe du Signal, and the Pays Desert. I then skied the Vallonnet while Chris stayed in the Col Pers, then we both skied the big slopes that border the Vallonnet and Grand Vallon, and then I finished off a super morning with the Super L. (See photos)

It stayed fairly cold at altitude so the 15 to 20 cm’s of fresh snow that is forecast tonight will fall on a stable base which bodes well for tomorrow. One thing for sure is we won’t be diving into the Combe du Signal in flat light tomorrow because it’s now full on avalanche rubble. Chris and I had a couple of great powder mornings lately in the Combe and I’m thankful we saw it in sunshine today because anyone who tries to ski there tomorrow could seriously injure themselves. (Take note if you’re skiing that sector tomorrow)

It’s amazing how quickly conditions change at this time of year and each and every day are so different. With three days to go hopefully we’ll continue to get conditions that we can work with and be able to show everyone a cracking good end to the season. Wish us luck!

PS There’s a fantastic atmosphere as the streets are full of people sitting at tables eating or drinking, or both, and listening to live music. There’s a motorcycle and old car show, which people are enjoying, and the town is much more lively compared to even five years ago. It’s going to be dangerous as Derek and Colin roll into town with Paul, Andy, Steven, and Peter for Colin’s stag weekend. Thank goodness he’s already been married and had a baby daughter! Mind you they’ll be celebrating!

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