A fantastic morning in winter powder!

02 May 2014

I wasn’t too sure what to expect this morning as Radio Val reported only three centimetres of fresh snow at altitude, and that wouldn’t be enough to help as we were in for a flat-light morning and needed a cushion. Fortunately there was more like 15 to 20 cm’s and although the vis wasn’t great, it could have been worse and we enjoyed a cracking good morning. I was skiing with Derek, Paul, Colin, and his brother Stephen and we knew we were in business off the Verte with some lovely snow on a smooth base. We hooked up with Chris’ team (Rupert, Jean-Eves, Jenny and Suzanne) and climbed up to the Borsat Nord, which was excellent top-to-bottom. From there we headed up to the Motte to ski my shoulder, which was jolly good and after cutting the track we circled back around for another run. This time we skied the combe skiers right and I tried and succeeded in cutting off a nice little plaque just above the traverse, which reminds us there are still two days to go! We skied down from the Motte with some great skiing just off the Genepy, and then finished a terrific morning with the Familial.

Today at altitude the snow was still winter powder but by the end of the morning the snow was warming up significantly on the lower half of the mountain, but it still skied very well. With fairly overcast skies and flat-light (see photos) very little sun made it through the clouds so the snow quality remained consistent throughout the morning. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for sunny periods so the snow will change drastically as the morning goes on and chances are we’ll be back to spring snow for Sunday’s finale. Stay tuned!

PS For the first time in roughly 8 weeks the avalanche risk has been bumped up to three.

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