Another wonderful morning without great expectations!

03 May 2014

Powder doesn’t really last more than a day at this time of year, and even without sun yesterday what was powder snow had set-up into supporting snow that was extremely pleasant to ski. My team showed up a little late and slightly worse for wear so I decided to head towards the sunshine in Tignes to save them from the effects of flat-light mixed with hangovers, and we had a cracking morning. We had great spring snow off the Verte and in the Borsat and we knew then that we were in for a good day. Next up was some nice pseudo-powder on the top of the Col des Ves en route to the big face of the Balme, which supported with some soft snow on top. Then we headed up to the Motte for a few powder turns before skiing a very good Cairn back into Tignes. Derek headed to save their table at the Folie Douce while Peter, Paul, Colin, Stephen and I finished off with a terrific run in the Campanules. We managed to stay in the sun most of the morning needing only to deal with a couple of patches of drifting fog, which pleased the boys. (Check photos)

Meanwhile, Chris took his team up to the Fornet and they had a great morning as well. Chris had to deal with some flat-light here and there but they managed the Combe du Signal, the Pays Desert and a run over the Col.

Andreas and Jean Marc are on their way back from Norway after a great trip and Andreas has posted a few photos on our Facebook page.

I can’t believe that tomorrow morning is the last of what’s been another wonderful season. The longer I’m here the more I seem to love this place as it never lets us down. I’m travelling right after skiing tomorrow so Chris may do the update and I’ll post something once I get settled in back in England. Stay tuned and Come on Big Sam!

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