Back in the Groove! (Almost!)

21 May 2014

Well, after another fantastic season I’ve had time to settle into my other life, and having some wonderful weather certainly helps. The girls are busy at school, Gill is back to work and I’m getting my Pilates classes up and running, getting the garden in shape, and trying my best to find some lost form on the golf course. To say I’m a little rusty would be a serious understatement, but I’m getting there bit by bit and really enjoying it.

We’ve booked our holidays with Millie, Katie and I going to Canada for 11 days before Gill and I take the girls to Val d’Isere for 18 days. It will be the first time back in the summer since we’ve had children so we’re both really looking forward to the entire alps-in-the-summer routine, which is truly magnificent, and the girls are excited as well.

I’ll be getting the planning printed this week so do feel free to send any ski dates along and get yourself booked in early. We’ve already had several bookings so don’t delay.

Have a wonderful summer and log-on once in a while for photos and a bit of news. Stay tuned!

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