Keep those booking rolling in!

28 May 2014

Well, in my last update I mentioned the stunning weather we were enjoying and that obviously jinxed us on that front as it’s been dire ever since. Sorry! Anyway, we managed a lovely bike ride last Sunday (see photos) and went to Birtley House for a sculpture exhibition in the beautiful house and around the stunning grounds. (It’s the home where Penny’s Mum Peggy spent her last years.) From there we continued on to a Prostate Cancer fund-raiser where a local Mum was playing with her band ‘One Eyed Dog’, and that too was great entertainment.

Yesterday Millie and I played four holes of ‘team-golf’ in a drizzle, but she really enjoyed it and of course we finished off with a trip to the 19th hole!

I’m receiving quite a few early bookings, which makes me think about skiing already and how quickly not only the summer passes but life in general, so get out there and enjoy yourselves!

And happy belated birthdays to Andreas and Stephen O!
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