Getting back into the swing of things!

03 June 2014

I’m slowing getting back into my golf and showing some signs of ‘rust removal’. I played with my 16-year-old nephew Wils the other day, and at six-foot-one and still growing, I couldn’t believe how far he’s hitting the ball. He’s now playing off of 20, but his handicap will plummet like a stone with a little coaching and practice, and when he stops firing the odd one off into the woods he’ll be a fantastic player in the near future as he heads towards single figures. What a lucky boy to be taking up the wonderful game at such and early age, and I’m seriously jealous! Bravo Wils! Gill came to the club the other day to watch Millie hit a few balls and was astounded by how well her ten-year-old daughter was hitting the ball, and well done to you too Millie!

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