Welcome to 'Alpine's' 2008/09 Daily Diary

30 November 2008

Welcome to ‘Alpine’s’ 2008/09 Daily Diary. I started my season this morning accompanied by John and Margaret, Penny, Red Ray, and Richard F, and what a great start it was! We were lucky enough to have the sun as it was forecast to sock in but the skies remained clear all morning long and we needed good visibility as the snow has been hit hard by the wind and it certainly isn’t good everywhere. The team left good ‘Alpine’ tracks in our wake but we needed to sniff around to find the protected powder. John had binding problems at the end of the morning and we repaired his heel piece with cable ties and duck tape, which allowed him to ski down to Les Tufs for an excellent plat du jour. It’s a shame that the wind arrived with such force because those who have been ‘skinning’ report to have had fabulous skiing a few days ago. C’est la vie as it’s wonderful just to be skiing again and to have a good base to build our season. Snow is forecast off-and-on next week and stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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