Boy, that was close!

02 October 2014

As this wonderful weather continues I’m squeezing in as much golf as possible before winter sets in and really enjoying my time at the club, especially when Millie comes along. She’s taking lessons and practising 2 to 3 times a week and will be a proper golfer one day. I did have a scary moment the other day when practising my bunker shots on the training ground. I’d softly lofted several shots out of the sand and was feeling fairly pleased with myself (always a kiss of death on the golf course) when I thinned one out of the bunker. In slow-motion I watched in horror as my ball flew across the putting area, zeroing in on Veronica and hitting her square on the head. Fortunately and miraculously she was uninjured and managed to continue and went out and played her Medal round. She was incredibly good about it (she was my partner in a Ryder Cup fun day last Friday), which was a huge relief as I was shocked and feeling terribly about what had happened. Blimey, it’s time for some golf insurance!

And what about the Ryder Cup! What a stunning display of how the game can be played!

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