Buy your ski pass now and save 25%!

08 October 2014

Richard H has just bought his season pass on-line and I’ve pasted his email for those of you interested in the early-bird discount. Thanks Richard!

I’ve just managed to buy my ski pass for next season. Like last year, I think some of the readers of your diary are likely to be interested.

The system for season passes is the same as last year: 25% discount if you buy before the end of October. The discounted price has gone up to 880 Euros. I can’t see the “holiday” prices yet, but last year the season pass was worth buying if you were going to be skiing more than about 3 1/2 weeks.

You need to click on the drop-down list headed “book on line” on the left of the screen of the Val website, and click on “lift passes”, then order your pass.

The only other difference I’m aware of this year is that they haven’t sent out letters to owners (at least I didn’t get one).

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