Not much to report!

29 November 2014

It was a sad start to the season this morning as the day was a write-off due to strong winds on the Glacier. I was surprised by how many people showed up in town after quite a big effort to get here. It’s ridiculous how warm it is and we need some colder weather so that the STVI can at least turn on the snow cannons. We may get some snow over the next day or two but the possibility of 50cm’s that was reported yesterday isn’t going to happen. It is however forecast to cool down next week and although I’m not a huge fan of artificial snow, it’s definitely better than ‘no snow’! Stay tuned! (Posted one photo)

PS Sports Report- It was a great win for West Ham this afternoon, getting us back to winning ways and taking us back to fifth place, and an equally good day for Danny Welbeck. England rugby fans will be rejoicing but my Sportsmen of the Day Award goes to Mark, who decided on a 4-hour walk up towards the Col de la Bailletta in wind and snow. Well done Mark, you nutter!

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